Introducing: The Five Element Whole Body Ritual Posted by Tiffany Amorosino on September 7, 2014 in

A truly memorable spa offering is more than just a way to refresh your skin and rejuvenate tired muscles; it's an experience with lasting benefits. Bella Santé introduces you to our newest full-body treatment that incorporates the five traditional Japanese elements to leave you feeling renewed in every way. Earth, fire, water, air, and sky represent the five elements in Japanese culture, and each of them plays a role in your spa experience during the Five Element Whole Body Ritual.


Earth represented stability and balance to ancient philosophers, and it's where your spa treatment starts. Using a blend of spices, finely milled fruit seeds and essential oils, your massage therapist starts with a gentle, but thorough, head-to-toe exfoliation. You are then treated to a clay-based masque infused with plant extracts to purify your skin and increase circulation.


Fire is the element of energy, and you'll feel both energized and relaxed when wrapped in heated blankets for the next part of your elemental spa experience. As you let the heat penetrate tired or sore muscles, you get a cold stone facial massage that provides an invigorating contrast.


Water meant change and growth. You’ll experience this element in a luxurious, cleansing shower. Cloths infused with lavender add a relaxing touch to your shower and prepare you for the next step in your spa journey. When you leave the shower, revel in a different aspect of the water element with a signature glass of our fruit infused cool water.

Air or Wind

Ancient philosophers considered the air an element and a symbol of freedom. Relax and free yourself from stress when you receive a full-body massage. Feel the breezy benefits of air while you are being enveloped in a scent-infused full body misting from the LUCAS mister.


Of all the elements, sky was the most exalted one to the ancients. It represented things that transcended the everyday aspects of our lives. After your 100-minute session you will find that your body, mind and spirit has been refreshed, renewed, nurtured and in complete harmony.

By combining the inspiration of the ancient elements with modern spa techniques, we are excited to offer you a complete spa experience that connects mind, body and spirit and leaves you feeling renewed in all aspects. Make your next spa session into an unforgettable one with the Five Element Whole Body Ritual.

This treatment is available at Bella Santé in Wellesley and Bella Santé in Boston. Coming soon to Lexington!